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If you can dream it, you can do it

Allow yourself to dare to dream big dreams. Decide what’s right and seize the day before you decide what’s possible. Imagine your future as ideal in every respect, and remember: Whatever others have done, within reason, you can probably do as well so just do it.


Once you’ve decided where you’re going, the only question you ask is “How do I get there?” How do you get from where you are today to where you want to be? And remember, failure is not an option.

Dare To Dream And Discover Your Personal Mission

You have been put on this earth to do something wonderful with your life. What is it?  What is that one thing that you are meant to do, that one great accomplishment that will benefit both yourself and others? What is the one step that you need to just do it? One of the most important things you ever do is to ask and answer this question and to dare to dream.

You have within you enormous untapped resources of talent and ability—just waiting to be harnessed and challenged toward some great good. You must refuse to “go to your grave with your music still in you.”

Be honest with yourself. Don’t fall into the trap of selling yourself short, of settling for less than you’re truly capable of. You were born for greatness. You are here to make a difference with your life in some way.

What do you really want? If you could be or do or have anything in life, what would it be? Allow yourself to seize the day, dare to dream, and then go to work to make your dreams come true– just do it.


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